Hello World!

Apparently when you start a blog at Word Press there is a default post with the title Hello World, and then basic instructions on writing a post. The title made me think of the Lady Antebellum song by the same name. I had never really liked that song, though I am a big fan of Lady Antebellum. Well, that title inspired me to go look up the music video for the song.

And now I love the song. Suddenly I relate to it so much more. I get the message – take the time to stop and enjoy life, hug your family, smell the roses, soak in the happy moments, appreciate what the world has given you. The problem with having a child is that suddenly every child in a video becomes your child. It doesn’t matter that my child is 2, and the girl in the video is around 7 (I’m wildly guessing on that age). I can’t help but think about what if that was my daughter. It’s the same with any show I watch. It doesn’t just tug at my heart strings, it yanks. That short video had my eyes watering, and yes I went and hugged my daughter right after watching it.

Speaking of Lady Antebellum I love their latest single, Just a Kiss. It makes me laugh so hard. I feel like it’s the Mormon Dating Anthem. The whole idea of waiting for someone your whole life, sexual restraint bringing you closer, pushing too far messing things up, and being okay with just a kiss. It’s like all the Youth lectures on the all important Chastity rolled into one catchy, Disney-happy song.

Well I guess that’s my first post, all about Lady A. Well, to round it completely out I’ll leave with my favorite song of theirs, Need You Know. The harmony of their voices is just beautiful and haunting.

Now Goodbye World!


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